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Aspired HCEU intellectual outcomes

Advanced HCEU competence development matrixes based on the VQTS approach

  • A competence development matrix on “nursing” (extended by to be defined fields of specialisation/ further professional development)
  • A competence development matrix on “elderly care”

Both matrixes refer to the processes underlying practical work in those professional fields as well as to competence development steps necessary to reach the highest level of competence within each work process. They are based on the outcomes of research and validated within expert workshops. The matrixes are advanced by descriptions of knowledge, skills and competences for further operationalisation of the matrix approach. The matrixes build a strong and reliable bridge between healthcare qualifications in different national education systems as well as prior learning in general based on the actual requirements of work praxis as common ground for transparency and comparison.

Accompanying material for the practical application of the HCEU competence matrixes

  • Organisational profiles (expressed on the matrix) of formal qualifications/certificates related to “nursing” and “elderly care” from the project countries (AT, DE, HU, HE, PL) and selected additional countries
  • Tools, instruments and guidelines for the identification and documentation of a learners/ professionals individual competence profile on the matrixes
  • Descriptions of exemplary joint transnational learning modules (based on ECVET) for closing competence gaps identified as frequently existing in the context of expert migration within “nursing” and “elderly care”

Tools and guidelines on the use of the HCEU instruments within recognition praxis

  • A manual for recognition authorities on the practical use, the conceptual background and the application of the HCEU matrixes within recognition praxis
  • Online tutorials on the purpose and use of the HCEU matrixes within recognition
  • A interactive virtual tool to facilitate accessibility and usability of the matrixes and the accompanying project results within recognition praxis

Kits and guides for the transfer of the matrix approach

  • Kit on the transfer of the HCEU matrixes to other destination countries of expert migrants
  • Kit on the identification of organisational profiles for formal healthcare qualifications/certificates related to “nursing” and “elderly care”
  • Kit on the identification of competence needs profiles for employers in the healthcare sector

Advanced research results on the HCEU instruments and their (potential) impact on recognition praxis

    • An accompanying research (report) on the connectivity and relation of the HCEU tools to the different partner countries education structures as well as to further European transparency tools and the (potential) application and impact of the HCEU matrixes and accompanying tool within recognition praxis.
    • A final transdisciplinary publication on the recognition of prior learning within healthcare expert migration in Europe