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Developing Organisational Profiles


Organisational Profiles are the very heart of the HCEU competence development matrix approach because they make it possible to compare the learning outcomes usually reached by holders of a certain certificate with the requirements in another country.

It is the basic idea of the HCEU matrix approach that professional care refers to specific work processes apparent in all countries. Every qualification (degree/ diploma/ certificate) in professional care reflects the extent to which holders of the qualification are able to conduct these work processes at the time of graduation.

In order to ensure the quality and reliability of the organisational profiles displayed on our HCEU matrix we developed a process for the development of Organisational Profiles that needs to be complied with in all aspects in order to integrate a new Organisational Profile into our virtual matrix and/or to refer to the HCEU matrix in general. This is very important to us because only with high quality profiles that are trustworthy and reliable we can ensure that our approach and tools are usable in praxis!

If you want to develop a new Organisational Profile, therefore, please get in touch with our project manager who is going to guide you through the overall process! We are looking forward to your Profile!

What needs to be done in order to develop a new Organisational Profile?

In order to develop a new organisational profile you need to follow a fixed procedure including the following steps:

  • Selection of a spcific certificate / programme/ qualification to be displayed in the Organisational Profile,
  • Specification of the selected certificate/ programme/ qualification in a background report,
  • If applicable, translation of the HCEU competence matrix "Professional Care" into your native language,
  • Implementation of a pen/paper or online survey on the reaching of the specified learning outcomes with at least 10 experts for each of the competence areas and, if applicable, integration of the results into the online survey tool to be provided by us,
  • Evaluation of the survey material (will be done by us),
  • Discussion and further elaboration on the survey results with us and specification of critical elements,
  • Implementation of a focus group to clarify the identified critical elements,
  • Drawing of final conclusions and fixing of the final profile in dialogue with us, and
  • Preparation of a final report on the development of the Organisational Profile, including applicatoin of our quality criteria.

Please note, it is not possible to implement this process individually! It needs to be guided by us. Please get in touch with us to discuss the implementation of this process.


Contact and Support

Judith Albinus, DEKRA Service Division Training,

Please feel free to get in touch with our colleague in charge of maintaining and further developing the HCEU matrix on professional care for guidance and support within the development of further Organisational Profiles. We recommend to get in touch before starting into the development process in order to make sure you have everything needed in order to realise a successfull Organisational Profile development according to our quality criteria. Your input is very welcome!

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