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HCEU virtual/ 3D-Matrix

The HCEU competence matrix unfolds its greatest practical benefit in its virtual representation. The three-dimensional representation displays differences in the qualifications of care professionals from different countries and with different qualifications and also shows the missing pieces of the puzzle - in direct comparison of two organisational profiles.

This presentation of the HCEU matrix "Professional Care" is interesting for all those involved in the work and recognition process. It can be used to compare qualifications as well as to generate specific training content relevant in the context of transnational mobility of healthcare professionals. An instrument such as the HCEU competence matrix offers answers and solutions for difficulties that have already arisen in a number of occupational fields within recognition practice. There is currently no comparable instrument in Europe like the HCEU competence matrix to facilitate the understanding, transparency and comparability of qualifications and to make them applicable across borders.

competence development matrix
organisational profile

For an optimal representation and application of the virtual matrix we recommend to open the page with the Google Chrome Browser.

Please get in touch with in order to receive the login for the virtual matrix. This is just for security reasons. Use of the matrix is free of charge.

Organisational Profiles on the matrix

At this point in time eight qualifications from eight EU and non-EU countries are available for comparison on the HCEU matrix. For each of those qualifications a background information has been prepared:


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