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Working with the HCEU matrix

The HCEU competence development matrix "Professional Care" has been developed within the framework of the European project HealthCareEUrope. It, howevers, seeks to be extended within additional application contexts as well as to other countries across the globe throughout time. Therefore, kits have been developed how the matrix can also be used and further extended by others who have not been part of the initial HCEU project consortium.

Organisational interested in working with the HCEU matrix are therefore invited to get in touch with us and to make use of the three ways to contribute to and apply the the HCEU matrix within their daily praxis:

  • Validating the matrix for new destination countries
  • Developing further organisational profiles
  • Applying the HCEU matrix within HRD

Validating the HCEU competence matrix for new destination countries

Developing further organisational profiles

Organisational Profiles of programmes, qualifications or certificates are the very heart of the HCEU competence matrix and its functioning in praxis. We therefore strongly encourage others to develop Organisational Profiles also for the healthcare qualifications they offer. For this purpose a kit has been prepared that supports the quality development of profiles. Please be aware that only profiles that follow and document the procedure as outlined in the kit can be considered for integration into the virtual matrix.


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Applying the HCEU matrix within HRD

The HCEU matrix with its profiles and other functionalities is an advanced tool to serve also employers as a valuable source of information but also practical use within recruitment of new employees as well as within human resource development. A kit describes how employers can make use of the matrix and benefit from their functionalities.


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