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Competence description VQTS:

3.6.b Is able to assist in applying ALS according to resuscitation guidelines and in cooperation with authorised medical personnel.

Competence (EQF)SkillsKnowledge

The professional caregiver assists in applying Advanced Life Support (ALS) according to resuscitation guidelines. 

































The professional caregiver is able to:

  • prepare equipment and assist in endotracheal catheterisation,
  • apply capnography,
  • stabilise the endotracheal tube or tracheal cannula,
  • prepare equipment and assist with ambu mask ventilation,
  • insert a laryngeal mask airway,
  • perform manual external defibrillation,
  • apply an external pacemaker,
  • prepare and administer emergency medications,
  • perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ventilation and chest compressions),
  • apply mouth-to-nose or mouth-to-mouth breathing,
  • provide an ultrasound device.

The professional caregiver is able to:

  • explain legal regulations and consequences regarding ALS (see also CA.B.3),
  • name general guidelines for resuscitation (e.g. from AHA, from ERC),
  • explain emergency codes,
  • name the necessary equipment for endotracheal catheterisation,
  • explain the course of endotracheal catheterisation,
  • name range of normal and abnormal capnography values,
  • describe principles of external defibrillating and pacemaker,
  • explain differences between defibrillation and cardioversion,
  • name emergency medications and describe the range of use,
  • describe principles of emergency medication administration,
  • explain necessity of an ultrasound device,
  • describe anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

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