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HCEU Advisory Board

Dr. Susanne Weiss (AT)

Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und Frauen – Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs, Department II/A/3


Dr. Weiss has her work priorities within recognition of qualifications in healthcare professions, legislative processes (implementation of EU-law into national law, professional law for healthcare professions), complaint management in the fields of psychotherapy, clinical psychology and healthcare psychology. In this context she is representative of the Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs in national working-groups for EQF/NQF, Bologna follow-up and Erasmus+ and has been vice-chair of the ESCO Reference Group Human health and social work activities.

Mag. Karin Klas (AT)

Programme Director General Nursing, Institute Nursing and Midwifery,
FH Krems University of Applied Sciences, Department of Health Sciences

Ms Klas has her work priorities in nursing education for general nurses and also critical care nurses and in the development of Nursing curricula (e.g. general nursing, critical care nursing, nursing for patients with apallic symdrom). She is Austrian delegate in the EfCCNa (European federation of critical care nursing associations) work in the education committee and involved in the development of the critical care nursing competencies framework (published 2013) as well as the translation of the competency tool/framework into German (2014). Since 2012 she is member of the steering group of the Austrian Nursing science association. Ms Klas furthermore regularly publishes and teaches in the fields of general nursing, perioperative nursing, early mobilization of the critical ill patient, critical care nursing, nursing science, nursing models and theories and patient education and communication.

Ms Sabine Spittel (DE)

AWO Regional Association Thuringia, Area Manager Elderly Care



M.Sc. Marianna Mantzorou (HE)

Technological Educational Institute of Athens (TEI of Athens), School of Health and Caring Professions, Nursing Department


Ms Mantzorou is a lecturer of Fundamentals of Nursing. She completed her MSc in Nursing course in the University of Wales. She is currently studying in her PhD thesis the kinds of knowledge that nurses use in the care of demented elderly patients and has published several relevant papers. Her working experience includes working in various clinics in the United Kingdom and Greece. She is a member of the Erasmus Committee of the Nursing Department, and she is responsible for completing all necessary transcripts of graduate students who wish to work abroad.

Ms Grazyna Wojcik RN., MA., PhD (PL)


Medical University of Warsaw Faculty, of Health Sciences
Home Health Care Ltd, Director
Polish Nursing Association, President


Grazyna Wójcik has a broad experience in development of nursing at the national and regional level.  In her career she was Director of nursing services in one of the National Institutes, the Chef Nursing Officer in the Polish Ministry of Health, and head of post gradueted nursing education in Warsaw Medical School. She is also well recognized expert on nursing at the european level (WHO, EFN).

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