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Learning outcomes descriptions A.2.b

Competence description VQTS:

A.2.b Is able to guide and supervise the documentation.    

Competence (EQF)SkillsKnowledge

The professional caregiver is able to autonomously and independently guide and supervise the documentation process.

The professional caregiver is able to:

  • identify errors and gaps in the documentation,
  • encourage others to adhere to and accurately document the documentation guidelines,
  • make sure the documentation is up to date (e.g. during reviews),
  • evaluate the work and skills of others regarding documentation,
  • instruct others in the methods and procedures of documentation,
  • analyse and question their own abilities and knowledge regarding documentation,
  • create and maintain quality assurance documentation regarding the patient/client (e.g. according to in-house quality manual, dealing properly with patient’s/client’s valuables),
  • assist attending physician to complete death certificates. 


The professional caregiver is able to:

  • name legal requirements for the documentation (see also CA.B.3),
  • name methods for transferring knowledge and experience,
  • describe different training techniques and coaching methods,
  • describe techniques for increasing motivation,
  • describe the determination of the extent of their own competences and those of the team members,
  • name elements of quality manuals regarding documentation,
  • explain legal aspects of the documentation of patient’s/client’s valuables,
  • name necessary information in death certificates,
  • name elements of rosters.

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