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HCEU partners discuss with Hungarian and Swiss experts about tools for recognition

The HCEU partners discussed at the project meeting in Budapest in February 2017 tools for recognition of prior learning. The learning outcomes descriptions of the HCEU professional care matrix have been in the centre of the discussion but also the virtual matrix prepared by the consortium has been discussed with high interest with the guests.


HCEU partners meet with experts from Germany and Greece at national workshops

The HCEU partners conducted events in Berlin (DE) and Athens (HE) in January 2017 in order to inform and discuss with them about the professional care matrix. There have been very intensive discussions taking place on different elements of the matrix but finally all agreed: the professional care matrix describes nursing and elderly care in a very comprehensive away! Thank you to the experts for their input!


HCEU matrix on "Professional Care" published

After more than one year of hard work the HCEU partners publish the HCEU matrix on "Professional Care" in December 2016. The HCEU matrix on "Professional Care" describes the steps of competence development in the fields of nursing and elderly care starting with helper professions within those professional fields up to Bachelor level. Competence development is described based on work processes/ competence areas and transversal competence areas identified as representative for...


HCEU meets with Austrian stakeholders in Vienna (AT)

Alongside the HCEU partners 3rd meeting in Vienna the partners also met with stakeholder all across Austria in order to discuss the new draft version of the HCEU competence matrix on “Nursing”. There have been very intensive discussions among stakeholders and consortium members on all elements of the nursing matrix that significantly contributed to the further development of the nursing matrix. The workshop has been supported with presentations on the recognition of prior learning by Prof. Dr....


Pro Nursing proceedings published with article on HCEU

The Pro Nursing proceedings incl. an article on the HCEU matrix is now available in book-format ISBN: 978-3936533774.

Professional Education and Training through Knowledge, Technology and Innovation: Proceedings of the Symposium of Professional Nursing Education and ... Project) 24 June 2016, Bonn, Germany
The Pro-Nursing Symposium held in Bonn, on June 24 2016, has provided an international forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of vocational learning, technology enhanced...