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EUcareNET network event on the transnational migration of nursing professionals on the European labour market

Demographic change has already arrived in Europe. Few young people, an ageing population and an increase in people from other countries will change Europe in the long term. This will be particularly noticeable in the healthcare sector. Transparency and the validation of skills are therefore more important than ever for the mobility of skilled workers on the labour market in and for the European Union. They can help to overcome the already serious skills mismatches in the European...


EUcareNET invites network partners to join learning activity on "Transparency of hea lthcare qualifications across borders”

Europe faces a demographic change since many years. The effects of an aging society are visible in many sectors, but particularly in the healthcare sector. Transparency and validation of competences gained outside of the national formal education system are therefore more important than ever before tohelp overcoming the partially already severe skill mismatches acrossthe European Union.The first EUcareNET network event will be realised as a joined eventaiming to facilitate sharing and learning...


HCEU conference "Cross-border mobility of healthcare professionals", 27.06.18, Dresden (DE)

Facilitating and promoting cross-border mobility of nursing staff
The health care sector throughout Europe is feeling the pressure more than clearly from a skill shortage. To meet this challenge, the mobility of skilled workers is indispensable and the recognition of qualifications across European borders is necessary. However, recognition procedures in particular are often very complex and can therefore hinder the mobility of skilled workers.
The European project "HealthCareEurope"...


HCEU introduction video available in all project languages

The HCEU project partners prepared a short video in order to explain HCEU and its matrix approach in a very simple way. Those videos are available in all project languages: EN, DE, HU, GR and PL now and can be accessed via the projects website. The videos give a short introduction into the projects background, the HCEU competence matrix professional care as well as it application options in praxis. It will complemented at the projects end by an additional short tutorial on how to handle the...


HCEU discussed at Scientific & Training Conference in Poland

On 06.11.2017 the city of Bydgoszcz hosted a Scientific & Training Conference entitled: 'THREE HAVE's. We have proof. We have competences. We have a strategy'. The Conference was organized by the District Chamber of Nurses and Midwives in Bydgoszcz, the Bydgoszcz Unit of the Polish Nurses Association (PTP) and the Polish team of participants of the HealthCareEurope (HCEU) project which is implemented as part of the Erasmus+ programme. The conference was addressed to healthcare providers:...