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HCEU discussed at Scientific & Training Conference in Poland

On 06.11.2017 the city of Bydgoszcz hosted a Scientific & Training Conference entitled: 'THREE HAVE's. We have proof. We have competences. We have a strategy'.

The Conference was organized by the District Chamber of Nurses and Midwives in Bydgoszcz, the Bydgoszcz Unit of the Polish Nurses Association (PTP) and the Polish team of participants of the HealthCareEurope (HCEU) project which is implemented as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

The conference was addressed to healthcare providers: to the management of hospitals and other healthcare facilities, the nursing managerial staff, the nurses, the representatives of public health, politics as well as academic environment. The Conference was attended by 120 participants.

During one of the three panel sessions the team participating in the program of the HealthCareEurope HCEU project consisting of: Marcin Piech (INTERPERSONNEL Polska), Lucyna Płaszewska-Żywko (Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University) presented the goal and major assumptions of the project in the context of recognition of the professional qualifications of medical employees and their mobility in a unified Europe. The presented HCEU project stirred up a lively discussion among the attendants. Poland has only just started working on the systematization of qualifications and competences in the profession of a nurse.

The Conference was accompanied by workshops entitled 'Competences and mobility of medical employees in the light of an open labour market in Europe'. The workshops were intended for the employers. The purpose of the workshops was to prepare the profile of a nurse as an employee on an open labour market in Europe. The workshops were conducted by the HCEU Project participants: Maria Kózka, Lucyna Płaszewska–Żywko, Marcin Piech, Anna Andruszkiewicz, Alicja Marzec, Halina Idczak. The workshop involved an analysis of the assumptions behind the HCEU project, whereas its participants (18) filled out the available interview questionnaires.

In the nursing environment the conference was evaluated as necessary, one which points out to the problems of education, updating of qualifications as well as systematization of competences.