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Learning outcomes descriptions 3.2.c

Competence description VQTS:

3.2.c Is able to guide and supervise the medication process.    

Competence (EQF)SkillsKnowledge

The professional caregiver is able to autonomously and independently guide and supervise the ordering, storage and administering of medication and teach others about the effects of medications.




































The professional caregiver is able to:

  • show others how to order and distribute medications through the local supply system,
  • teach others the desired effects of medicines,
  • teach others the side effects and adverse reactions to medications,
  • instruct others in preparing, administering and managing oral and subcutaneous medications,
  • instruct others in preparing, administering and managing intramuscular and intravenous medications,
  • instruct others in the use and dosage of medications using medical devices (see also CA.3.5),
  • transfer to others methods and processes of medication in different situations,
  • evaluate the work and abilities of others regarding preparing, administering and managing medications,
  • motivate others to achieve the goals of taking medication.

The professional caregiver is able to:

  • explain the process of teaching others in different stages,
  • discuss ethical principles of the use of medications of medications (see also CA.B.1)
  • explain strategies for assessing and motivating staff to effectively administer medication,
  • explain development of trainings (e.g. regarding desired or side effects of medications, application of intravenous medications),
  • explain strategies for working medical devices (see also CA.3.5),
  • describe methods for transferring knowledge and experience,
  • explain different coaching/training techniques.

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